December 04, 2004

What Happens At NEO, Stays at NEO

Well, intresting doesn't begin to describe how last night or this morning was with Marazene at NEO. And teh cavalcade that encoured had nothing to do with tem.

NiKK and Dietrich arrived about midnight and by 1 we were at the club waiting for 3 strippers who were meeting them. I got a total of 8 people in and we ordered drinks. I ran into an old friend, someone pretty close to me by association. She was fine, the boys left and I stayed behind to rap with her and Dann and the krue, as my fiends opted for Exit. Well the next thing I know she was a total wreck. I had to take care of her,and get home by 4:30 when I knew my boys and their female counterparts would be waiting. THANKS TO DANN, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I got her home, in bed and I was back to my place just to catch my fiends and the chix as they were waiting for my arrival.

We actually didn't hang long and being we have an event this evening the after hours was short and sweet.

It never ends, and now Motley are coming. Oh boy! Looks like MK and NEO are doing the party. Look for a full report of Vince Neils 4th wedding next month, right here. Guess who's attending?

Where my mind is residing........



Like a flash of light in an endless night
Life is trapped between two black entities
'Cause when you trust someone
Illusion has begun
No way to prepare
Impending despair

Did one say so cruel
'Tis better to love than lose
Ignorance is bliss
Wish not knew your kiss
So many times been burned
This lesson goes unlearned
Remember desire only fuels the fire

Betwixed birth and death
Every breath regret
I pity the living
Envy for the dead
Emotionally stunned
In defense - I'm numb

I'd rather not care then to be aware
Be scared

I don't need love

Are a thousand tears worth a single smile?
When you give an inch, will they take a mile?
Longing for the past but dreading the future
If not being used, well then you're a user and a loser

World reknowned failure at both death and life
Given nothingness, purgatory blight
To run and hide, a cowardly procedure
Options exhausted, except for anesthesia

I don't feel anything

- T.O.N.

Posted by Alex Zander at December 4, 2004 11:30 AM
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