December 05, 2004

Sunday Ceremony?

Last night was Donna's (InGrog) party and I made arrangements for our group to meet at Ranalli's. James and I had a pizza and went in. Sue fronted me 2 1/2 yards as the people we waited for were late. I was surprised to see Greg come in as he was just getting something to eat prior to some business he needed to conduct. Of course he orderd the highly addictive Panzerotti.

Closer to 9 Paul showed up and so did Afra and Z. We caravaned over to her house and within a 1/2 hour 2 punks that looked like 1) Christopher Walken from Deer Hunter and 2) a guy from Good Charlotte stole her keg and tap.

As the band loaded in and set up Donna and her friend went out to grab another and Paul and I came to my place and picked up a tap. When we got back the police were coming out because the guy next door was crying about the drums. The police didn't mind and just told them to be done by midnight. Seems this guy is a pain in everyone's ass, except for his wife, who if he would have been tending to would not be whining about the drums.

All of my people showed up, Marazene boys and their dates, Kevin, Blake and 2 babes, and many more. Angie got there shortly after midnight and we all made a bunch of new friends and good friends became better acquainted.

Around 2:30 AM or so I made arrangements for everyone to converge at NEO and we met a bunch of other people there and I rode with Angie and I think we must have gotten lost somewhere because we were later than the others, and there was a weird buzzing noise coming from somewhere in her car, which turned out to be pretty funny.

Then the night, morning and next day got very interesting.

Missed church again dammit! I'm bad.

Posted by Alex Zander at December 5, 2004 09:15 PM
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