May 31, 2004



Memorial Day 2004: Four out of the last 6 (years) Sunday's before Memorial Day I was spending this day in HOT Phoenix AZ at the Cheney's place where they would host the annual MK summer BBQ. The following day we'd caravan to Mexico for a few days before I'd take my time driving home to Chicago.

That was when I discovered places like Flagstaff and Sedona and other little places of my interest. One of those times I didn't have he leisure of driving out and back and that way the time I got food poisoning from some just south of the border town where I bought a stupid spicy pickle out of a big jar full of warm and murky water. Ikes wife Angie got sick too. We laugh about it now but we were sick for days before we figured out weeks later why we were sick.

On the second of those Memorial Day weekends when I wasn't in the southwest I spent a rainy weekend at Camp Sweet Minnihaha and went canoeing and got wild with some old rock n roller fiends. And Gomez.

Last year a nursed a friend back to health from surgery. This year I lick my own wounds. And I swear next year this time I'll be back in Mexico.

Got caught in the rain on my bike this morning coming back from the 14th district Chicago Police Precinct with whom I had to visit to get some incomplete information. AZ and CPD or any PD for that matter have several conflicts and sometimes the only way to deal with things is face to face, which is that much easier, but at least you don't leave till you're satisfied.

So much for a wonderful holiday weekend. Hoo fucking ray. So after a morning marathon of Outer Limits I popped in the latest Type O CD, find a couple new favorites and sip tequila. And play it over again. It fits the weather we've been living with.

The weather in Chicago has been as erratic and unpredictable as a woman in the throws of PMS, which needless to say if you've ever had to deal with is not fun. Either of them.

Tomorrow it's finish the mag and we'll post the photos from last weeks shoot with Messy, Lady Snake, Angelique, Chrstyne, and Trixie. You'll all get to see the shirts Mr.. Martin Atkins had made for us.

For now I shall ride out the storm and this time seek the end of the rainbow.

Posted by Alex Zander at 04:12 PM
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