March 01, 2004



There's A New ViXXXen In Town

Minx is our newest MK ViXXXen and her gallery will be posted in the ViXXXens gallery later today. Take a browse and discover why she is perfect ViXXXen material.

Girls if you think you have what it takes to join the other lovelies on our site please read the information at this link.

Are you MK Magazine ViXXXen material?

Yes, even we have standards.

PLEASE READ MK Magazine ViXXXen guidelines carefully and thoroughly!

All girls will be considered for our website's ViXXXen gallery, and possibly for MK Magazine's cover and/or centerfold, based on your appeal, creativity, and unique presence.

Must be at least 18 years old, and able to provide proof of your age.

Photo submissions MUST BE 72 DPI/web-resolution only-not larger or smaller.
jpg or gif/tif files only.

All images chosen for the ViXXXen gallery are the property of both MK Magazine and the model/photographer. We will not sell your submitted portfolio photos or use them for profit in any way. However, your submission of photos and our use of them in the ViXXXen photo gallery is an agreement that we reserve the right to freely use your photos for promotional purposes of the website, magazine, and other MK Magazine-related functions.

Rock 'n' Roll types, urged to submit!

What we are NOT looking for: gothic, candle-lit, brooding cemetery types. There are enough of these in the gallery already! No bloody nude photos or vampires. No gratuitous nudity. No more knives, swords, handcuffs, or poorly done bondage. No more "Betty Paige" haircuts (short, black bangs) or funky dreaded hair. Shiny, vinyl clothing and "stripper shoes" are usually not that interesting either. It's all been done a thousand times before, and these styles are "cookie-cutter" to us. We have more than enough of these types of girls on the site. Do not waste our time or yours with an overkill of "goth slut" photo submissions. And please do not send us low-budget "my boyfriend took this photo of me in his bedroom with a blanket as a backdrop" quality photos!

What we ARE looking for: Fun, creative, unique, interesting, pretty girls and photos! Think unique or fantasy situations, interesting scenarios, lusty, or teasing photos. Glamour is welcome. Make-up is welcome. Natural beauty is welcome. Voluptuous curves are welcome. Artistry is very welcome! Subtle nudity is welcome. Let your individuality shine through and we'll help take you to the next level!!! Uniforms are nice such as catholic school girl or police or army or nurses. SEX SELLS! And variety is the spice of life.

Please send submissions for consideration to

Posted by MK Magazine at March 1, 2004 12:51 PM
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