March 30, 2004

MARILYN MANSON Writes Personal Tribute To THE DOORS


Thanks Blabbermouth:

"The Immortals", the first of three special issues of Rolling Stone magazine to be published this year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of rock 'n' roll, features a personal tribute to THE DOORS by MARILYN MANSON. Check out a scan of MANSON's testimonial at this location.

"The Immortals" project began last year with the creation of a panel of 55 musicians, historians, industry executives and critics, selected by the editors of Rolling Stone, according to The Advertiser. Voters were asked to pick, in order of preference, the 20 artists they deemed to be the most significant and influential of rock's first 50 years, whose work still has an impact today. More than 125 artists were named. The final ballot was tabulated according to a point system overseen by international accounting firm Ernst & Young.

Posted by MK Magazine at March 30, 2004 07:26 AM
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