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MK Ultra is quickly becoming the fastest growing gothic/industrial magazine in the world. Hard work and determination pay off.

-Zine Guide #1

MK Ultra-  the magazine that breaks all the rules.

-Midnight Monastery

Definitely essential to have, as well as highly informative. MK Ultra is fast becoming the guide to dark underground music with an alternative/gothic feel.

-Spectre Magazine

Veteran Alex Zander is a man who has all the connections; you name 'em, he knows 'em!! MK Ultra is an incredibly cool gothic mag, which of course, I'm totally in love with.

-Bite Me Magazine

MK Ultra...   definitely the coolest gothic/industrial scene magazine in the world.

-Soundgroove Rock T. V.

MK Ultra enjoys not taking itself seriously and goes out of its way to be absurd, offensive, and down right rude, but tends to do it in rather unique ways. I have to applaud a publication printed in a very conservative town for going out of its way to satirize the populace in a way only it could.

-Sonic Boom

Dark/metal/industrial music. Lots of interviews and some other nice features. Polished.

-Fact Sheet 5

MK Ultra is full of obscure references. It's the guide to underground metal/industrial music.

-Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Read it cover to cover. I've never come across anything like MK Ultra.

-Anderson Mar, DJ WLOB FM, Portland, ME

I love the gothic look, and the interviews won over my cynical ass as well. It's hard to believe MK Ultra is from Indianapolis, 'cause it's so good.

-Eclectric Enterprises

MK Ultra, where have you been all my life? I read it cover to cover and could not find one thing to bitch about. It was as if I were choosing what went into MK Ultra.

-Nocturnal Revelations Magazine


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