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MK ViXXXens - Vera Blue
Photos by "Karlton Design Digital Photography" 

after hours in the valley of downs, tripped-up all over town, after 3 she's down  on avenue C, kicking down with the clowns, you can tell she's hydrolic, a silver scream in super sonic, you can see the mercury smear in her eyes she's right out of this world she the andricon girl...taking a ride with the pretty things tonight,
you know it's wrong,
but it feels so right...the andricon girl

- Vera Blue lyrics by chemlab

Age:  22 Height:   5ft2in (62in) (157cm)
Name:  Vera Blue Weight:  120lbs (54kg)
Alias:  Vera Blue Chest:  34Cin (86cm)
City:  Chicagoish Waist:  29in (73cm)
State:  Illinois Hips:  34in (86cm)
Zip:  60174 Hair Color:  Other
Country:  United States Hair Length:  Long
Ethnicity:  Caucasian Eye Color:  Blue
    Skin Color:  White
    Dress Size:  5
    Shoe Size:  7.5

What I like? I'm usually caught listening to old school industrial, Chemlab, (of course!)...TON, Sister Soleil...oh, WTF, "rock and electronica" music, and anything that could fall under those umbrellas...tho I hate using stereotypes to describe things...and my taste goes a lot farther than just those...

I'm into honesty and pursuit of the truth...Campy old space or horror flix, (think Plan 9 from Outer Space or Barbarella...) Hardcore thunderstorms, Ibanez, the black demon cat who lives with me..Living fast and driving faster, and dancing until I pass out..Spicy foods and sinful desserts.


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