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MK ViXXXens - Jooolz

HOMETOWN: Toronto, Canada
STATS: 5' 5 36/31/42
BODY MODS: Ear, Labret
7 tattoos: ankles, breasts, and one genital tattoo.

FAVORITE BANDS: Electric Six, Xorcist, Morcheeba, Skinny Puppy, Kate Bush, The Pixies, Coil, Delerium, Die Form, Moby, Faith No More, Pink Floyd, Meg Lee Chin, Board of Canada, Wumpscut, Mlada Fronta, Concrete Blonde, Biosphere, Air, P.A.L, and so much more!

FAVORITE FILMS: Kill Bill, The Red Violin, Twin Peaks Walk With Me, Donnie Darko, Meet The Feebles, Hedwig And The Angry Inch, Requiem For A Dream, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotess Mind,American Beauty, Life is Beautiful, Amelie, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, etc!

FAVORITE BOOKS: The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, Julia by Peter Straub, Fall On Your Knees by Ann Marie Macdonald, The Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follett, Bizarre Magazine, etc...

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Mr. Show, Family Guy, Airline, Twin Peaks


INTO: movies, fashion, music, wine, life!

GETS ME HOT: the color red, corsets

one time at band camp...

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