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Date of Birth: 22-12-1981
Country: Essex, United Kingdom
Actually resident in Elche (Alicante)
Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Valencian/Catalonian
Height: 1.64m / 5’5”
Weight: 48kg / 101 lbs
Bust: 82cm / 32"
Waist: 60cm / 23"
Hips: 81cm / 31"
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Nose piercing and ears
Hair: long. Natural Deep Brown. - currently dyed black
Skin: Very pale
Eyes: Brown
Dress Size: Small or XS
Shoe Size: European 37, 5 UK
Ages portrayable: 18 to 25
Experience Level: Experienced
Character Types: Medieval/ Pre-Raphaelite, Dark, Gothic, Futuristic, Vampiric, Fairy, Angel, Various period syles: Victorian, Rennaisance
Special Costumes: Medieval dresses and outfits, corsets, boots, etc.
Special Abilities: Photography, Graphic arts and design, very creative.

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